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Two out of the bag!

What a life that poor man out with his wife, to be sure! Not a day without her scolding passed him and called him names, and sometimes she would take the broom from behind the stove and beat him with it. He had no peace and comfort at all, and really hardly knew how to endure it.

One day, as did his wife had been very unfriendly and beat him black and blue, he strolled slowly into the fields, and since he could not bear to be idle, he spread his net.

What kind of bird do you think he caught in his net? He caught a crane, the crane and said, "Let me go, and I show myself grateful."

The man replied, "No, my dear, I'll take you home, and then maybe my wife not scold me so much.."

But he said Crane: "It would be better to go with me to my house," and so they went to the crane house.

When she got there, what do you think the crane was on the wall? He took a sack, and he said:

"Two of a bag!"

Buy two pretty lads sprang out of the bag. They brought in spreading oak tables, which they covered with silk, and set up all sorts of delicious food and refreshing drinks. The man had never seen anything so beautiful in his life, and he was thrilled.

Then the crane said to him: "Now take this bag with your wife."

The man thanked him warmly, took the sack and set out.

His house was a good long way off, as it was dark and he was tired, he stopped at his cousin's house by the way alone.

The cousin had three daughters, who designed wanted a tempting supper, but the man eat, and said to his cousin, 'Your dinner is bad. "

"Oh do, the best of it," she said, but the man just said: '! Clear away' and in his bag, he cried, as the crane had taught him: "Two out of the bag"

And out came the two beautiful boys who brought into the oak tables, spread the silk cloths, and laid out all sorts of delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Never in her life, the cousin and her daughters had seen as a dinner, and they were thrilled and amazed them. But the cousin took the bag to steal quietly, so she called her daughters. "Go quickly and heat in the bathroom I am sure our dear guest wants to take a bath before he goes to bed"

When the man was safe in the bathroom, she told her daughters to make a bag just like him, as soon as possible. Then she moved away two sacks and hid the man to shame.

The man enjoyed his bath, slept, and set out early the next morning, take what he had given him in the sack of the crane to be believed.

On the way home he felt in such good spirits that he sang and whistled as he walked through the woods and never noticed how the birds twittered and laughed at him.

As soon as he saw his house, he started from afar, "Hello scream! Old woman, come out and meet me!"

His wife shouted back: "You come here and I'll give you a beating with the poker!"

The man went into the house, hung the bag on a nail, and said, as the crane had taught him:

"Two out of the bag!"

But no one came out of the bag.

Then again said he had taught, just as the crane it:

"Two out of the bag!"

His wife, to hear him talk, who knows what took her wet broom and swept the floor around him.

The man fled and ran into the field, and because he was marching proudly around the crane, and he told him his story.

? Come back to my house, "said the crane, and so they went to the Crane House, and once they got there, what the crane from the wall Why he took a sack, and he said:

"Two out of the bag!"

And now two beautiful boys jumped out of the bag, has oak tables on which she laid silken covers, and spread to all sorts of delicious food and refreshing drinks.

"Take this bag," said Crane.

Two SackThe in a man thanked him warmly, took the bag and left. He had to go a long way, but when he was hungry today, he said to the blind, as the crane had taught him:

"Two out of the bag!" And once two rough men crept with thick sticks out of the bag and began beating him, crying as they did this:

"Do not boast of your cousins, what you have,
One - two - one - two -
Or find related catch it unusually hot "
One - two - one - two - "

And they beat up the man gasped:

"Two in the sack!"

The words were scarcely out of his mouth when the two crept back into the bag.

Then the man shouldered the bag and went straight to his cousin's house. He hung up the bag on a nail and said, 'Please have a heated bathroom, cousin. "

The cousin and heat the bath, and the man went in, but he neither washed nor rubbed, he just sat there and waited.

Meanwhile, his cousin was hungry, so she called her daughters, and all four of us sat down to table. Then the mother said:

"Two out of the bag!"

Buy the two rough men crept out of the bag and began to whack the woman arrested, as she cried:

"Greedy Pack! Thieving Pack!
One - two - one - two -
Give your cousin back his sack!
One - two - one - two - "

And they went to beat. The woman called her oldest daughter, "Go and get your cousin out of the bathroom. Tell him, the two ruffians to beat me black and blue."

"I have not finished rubbing me yet," said the farmer.

And to beat kept the two ruffians, as they sang:

"Greedy Pack! Thieving Pack!
One - two - one - two -
Give your cousin back his sack!
One - two - one - two - "

Then the woman said to her second daughter, "Quick, quick, come to him to me."

"I'm just washing my head," said the man

Then she sent the youngest girl, and he said: "I have not done drying myself."

Finally the woman could hold no more, and sent him the bag had been stolen.

Now he had quite finished his bath, and when he left the bathroom, he exclaimed,
"Two in the sack!"

And the two slipped right back into the bag.

Then the man took both bags, the good and the bad, and went home.

When he at the house, he shouted, 'Hello was! Old woman! Come out and meet me! "

His wife cried just, 'You broomstick, come here! Your back will pay for it. "

The man walked into the tent, hung the bag on a nail, and said, as the crane had taught him:

"Two out of the bag!"

Buy two pretty lads sprang out of the bag, has oak table, laid silken covers on them and spread them with all sorts of delicious food and refreshing drinks.

The woman ate and drank, and praised her husband.

"Well, old man, I do not want to, you do not hit," she said.

When they had finished eating, the man carried out the good bag and put it in his warehouse, but the other bag hung on the nail. Then he went out and strolled up and down in the yard.

Meanwhile his wife was thirsty. She looked with longing eyes on the bag, and finally she said as her husband had done:

"Two out of the bag!"

And crawled at one time, the two villains with their big sticks out of the bag, and began her singing as she belabour:

"Would you beat your man true?
Do not cry so! Now we will beat black and blue!
Oh! Oh! '

The woman shouted, "Old man, old man Come here, quick Here are two ruffians pommelling fit me, break my bones!".

Her husband just laughed and said, 'Yes, they will beat you well, old lady. "

And the proposed two away, and sang again:

"Blows is injured, remember, Crone,
We do you think we mean well;
In the future, leave the stick alone,
For as it hurts, you can say now,
Whack, whack, whack! '

Finally her husband took pity on her and shouted:

"Two in the sack!"

No sooner had he uttered the words, before returning back into the bag.

From that time on the man and his wife lived happily together, so it was a pleasure to see her, and goes like this story to end.


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