Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dancing Princesses

Not long ago, there lived a king WHO twelve daughter who is beautiful each year. They slept in twelve beds in a large room. Every night, as long as twelve princess went to bed, the room door was closed, then it is locked by the king himself. However, every morning, when the king, their father, once again locked the door, he could see they were wearing slippers into the hole, as if they had been all twelve dancing all night instead of sleeping through. The princess will not have a word to any talk about why this happens, no one can find that they have.
Finally the king, their father, sent a herald announced that if any marriage proposal, his prince or peasant, you can find the secret, and to find out it is dancing princess, he should not have only one he liked his wife the best , but should in due course, inherit the Kingdom. They can try three times, but after three days and three nights, who had tried and failed to be put to death.
The first son of the king luck. He accepted, and in the evening, he said he was ready to begin the trial, he was taken to a room, resulting in a to which the Princess was shut, every night out. There, he was to sit and watch, so what might happen, not that he can see and hear. But, oh dear, it was not long ago, the king's son fell asleep; when he woke up in the morning, it seems that twelve princess must have been out dancing just as usual as the soles of their slippers, is just as As always full of loopholes. The same thing happened in the second and third night, so what is it, the king ordered his head cut off according to bargain.
After this the prince, duke, earl, and many people want to come out, but they did not perform better, no one can find 12 Dancing Princess secret.
Now, by chance one day, a poor soldier, who had just left the army, by country, came to the kings of wandering; and, because he is passing through the wood, he met an old woman who asked him who he is, and he was going.
"I'm just a poor soldier, I'm going to seek my fortune," he said civil liability, and that the two of them sat down to rest. Soldiers began to talk of his wounds, and his war in difficult times and low wages. This is a sad story, but he is a jolly fellow, he told it lively.
"Is true, Grandma," the soldiers asked now, "a kingdom, his wife, in this part of the country to win? They told me that one is for them to have to find twelve dancing princess what night you how it is managed thinking? "" Well, said: "the old woman," This is really not very hard work. "" Other people do not find it too easy, "the soldiers replied," But I must say that I want to try me luck. "" If you really want to try, said: "old woman" the first thing to be careful not to drink wine in the evening Princess will bring you any, but then, when she left you, When she thinks you are drunk it all, you have to pretend to go fast asleep. "soldier's good advice for her she is such a beautiful old woman did something to him more. She gave him a small cape.
"As long as you put this little cape would be invisible, if you need to take very great care and tenderness, you should be able to follow the princess no matter where."
"Where do they go?" Asked the soldier.
"See themselves."
Just an old woman said, than she disappeared.
So you can guess, this very good proposal, the soldier is made up his mind that, although he knew what the bargain, he has to get his wife and a kingdom. So, now he went straight off to the king, and told him that he was to try to find out the secret.
Although he is only a poor soldier, he was only the Prince and Duke, and all have received, but because he is all tattered and torn, the king ordered the fine the court to get him. When night came he was led, as others have been to the room, leading off in one of the Sleeping Beauty. As he himself resolved to see, who should come, but the princess: happily talking to him her hand and she had a cup of wine. Soldiers thank her, but instead of drinking the wine, he succeeded in taking down all of this secret, careful not to hit so many drop.
Then, he laid himself on his bed, and in a little while, he pretended to snoring, and very loud too, as he in deep sleep. Twelve princess has pretended to be asleep, but in fact they are listening, when they heard how soldiers have begun to snore, they laughed merrily.
"This stupid guy will be like other people lost their lives!" Said the boss. "You see, if he does not." Then they all stood up and began to open their boxes and boxes. Bustling about, chattering joking, they took out their beautiful clothes, and began to dress up the mirror itself. Currently the youngest, said:
"I do not know how it is, sister, but when you seem to feel happy because usually I feel strange and uneasy tonight, just like some bad luck will happen to us!"
"You goose! You are young and stupid thing!" Replied the boss. "You're always afraid of something or other and you forget how much the Prince and Duke trying to figure out our secret, and all in vain? As this silly beggarly soldiers, I believe, even if I do not usually sleep in view of his draft, he would like sleep like pigs! "
As long as they were wearing and ready, they tiptoed to the soldier's room to see. They can see he still seems to sleep, does not seem to stir hand or foot. Then, Princess gently back to her own bed, and standing by it, she clapped her hands, which the bed and sink into the floor trap door suddenly opened.
Soldiers, who had quietly got up and was now through the cracks in their doors, you can see twelve princess will be through this secret door, one after another, leading the way big. Is invisible as long as the last, he opened the door, throw his shoulders round his little cloak, gently stepping up the trap door and found it led down, because he had guessed that it must be a little winding staircase.
When he followed down the stairs just in the middle of the soldiers do not accidentally step on a long, the youngest of the beautiful princess dress train. She immediately cried out to her sisters:
"Someone grabbed my dress!"
"Young and stupid thing!" Said the boss. "I'm sure it's just caught on a nail!" So they all go on. In the bottom of the soldiers found them in the trees outside the castle pleasant way, because its members are silver, which glistened and sparkled now made of leaves. The best soldiers that he will take some symbolic proof, he has, so he cut off a small branch, but his horror, he broke it because the whole tree seems to give a warning, as if the loud crack. Once more the youngest princess of the shock.
"I believe something is wrong," she cried. "Did you hear the strange noise? Never happened!" But the boss said:
"Pooh! This is only our princes, and I hope they are happy, because they can hear the call we come."
Then they came to another way of trees, their leaves are made of gold, after the third, each leaf is made of sparkling diamonds. As the soldiers broke the branches from each tree sample, the same loud crack sounded a warning every time the youngest sister tremble with fear. However, the oldest still think this is just their prince, who is happy shouting.
Finally they came to a huge lake: and their soldiers to see twelve boat ashore to lay in their swing paddle quietly handsome prince. In a strengthening of the ship Princess, Princess lead, then, all final, the soldier silently entered carefully as the youngest in the same boat. Because they are crossing the lake, the prince who is rowing the boat with the youngest soldiers in it, and ship, said to her:
He said: "The boat seems very heavy today! I do not know why this is so, but although I am rowing with all my strength, we would not be fast as usual."
"Do you think all this hot weather tired, said:" the youngest princess. "I feel very warm."
The other side of the lake stood a fine castle are lit with torch lights and windows, and soldiers can hear it coming and cheerful music. Horn, trumpet and kettle drums seem to have been hit. When they all landed up to the castle, where every prince and princess, his favorite dance. But the soldiers, who of course is invisible, or must I not dance.
However, each time a princess by her wine cup, drink it all the soldiers, so when she put the cup to her mouth was empty. Youngest sister was frightened in there, but as usual, the eldest son told her not to be so uptight.
Well, they danced until three o'clock in the morning, and then, because they are quite into the hole wear slippers, princess forced to leave off, and the Prince of boating in the lake they came back. This time, again invisible soldiers and Princess ships. On the other side, each princess left her prince, promised to come back the next night.
As long as they come back on the silver leaf tree holes Avenue, soldiers quickly ran to the stairs before the princess, laid himself in his bed, as if he never touched, as twelve sisters, there are so many jump tired , slowly, they can clearly hear him snoring in his bed to go, so they naturally feel that their secret is safe.
Then, I am very glad that they are undressed, put away their fine clothes, took off his worn slippers and dancing on the bed.
In the morning, the soldier said, about what had happened did not, because he thought he would like to once again enjoy such a wonderful visit the set, so, in the second night, everything happened as before. Soldiers walking down the wine again, pretending to sleep, but once he followed the princess.
Gold CupOn third night, however, a little different. The best soldier that he has a symbol, therefore, the king would have to believe the strange story he told, so when the dance ended, he took his cup of gold under the guise of one.
And now, of course, in the fourth morning, the time has come, the soldiers must declare the secret, you can guess, he carefully kept safe with him, he has collected the token.
King in his throne is ready, all around the court with him, and then the soldiers led inches
"Where my twelve daughters dance at night?" Asked the king.
"Your Majesty," the soldiers replied: "I have discovered the secret." He then told the king all happened, the first and last, on the prince, the castle, underground lakes, and all, then, to prove his story, He found the King's mark. He demonstrated his trees from three twigs of three ways, with each silver, gold and diamond leaves, and all final, he showed his Gold Cup, he has brought from the castle itself.
Then the king called Princess and asked the soldiers if they say what is true. When the king asked them, when they see the mark, they know that, finally, their secret was discovered. It is no use denying soldiers the story, they explain everything.
Then, the king, true to the bargain, and asked the soldiers:
"This is one you will choose a wife?" He replied:
"I am not very young myself, so I will choose the oldest." Their wedding day, and soldiers made heir to the Kingdom.

The Stone in the Road

Near a large village, there lived a rich man. He has worked with many rooms filled with beautiful things, very small lice. The growth of trees around the house a large green leaves. Under the tree is cool on the hottest days.
Rich man's house stood next to the road. Every day many people came along on the road, from farming.
The rich like to watch people as they pass through. Usually hey look at the dusty heat and fatigue. He then asked them to come in, the rest of the trees shade.
If they are thirsty, rich people ordered his servants to enable them to cool soda. If they are hungry, and he gave them the fine white bread, cakes, sweet and juicy fruit. Tired of the rest under the shade of his mother happy. Children about the fun of playing on the grass.
Every day, watching the rich people on the road back and forth in front of his house fine. This makes him sad because he saw so many lazy.
"I do not know if you are lazy," thoughtful people. He tried to come up with a plan to find a person who is not afraid of work. He thought and thought and by him had an idea.
In RoadHe Stone had his servant bring great stones, he put it in the middle of the road itself. Then he went into his home, sitting by the window down and see what happens.
The first person is a man who is going to sell his cattle, the village market.
When the man saw this big rock, he frowned.
"Why is the large stone in the fall in the middle of the road for the poor," he complained. "The man who lived in that beautiful house, and there must be rich, why did not he have his servant stone it?"
Whispers and wronged people with cattle, but he did not attempt to move the stone. He was too lazy.
He walked around, and pulled behind him cattle, and on the way to go to the market.
By the next person who is a farmer carrying corn to the plant to ground. When he saw the stone in the middle of the road, he began to complain of.
"Why is the large stone block in the way?" He complained. "If I were the same who, in the fine house must be rich in life, I will order my servant to take it away."
But the farmers did not attempt to move the stone. He was too lazy. He drove it around, and on the way and muttering and complaining.
Day, people driving along the road to rock and complain about the way that it is. But no one tried to move it. They are too lazy.
Gradually towards the evening the boy came along whistling Miller. He tried to day in the factory, he was very tired.
He came to the stone stopped.
"It will soon be black," he said to himself. "Some people know the big stone fall and be injured, I have it in any of its grow dark."
He held his hands in the stone. This is a very, very heavy and he can move it at the same time only a little way. In addition, he is from his hard work in the factory all day tired. However, he took all his might and pull until the end, he launched a road stones. "Now," said Miller's boy, "the stone can not hurt."
He put his hands in his pockets, and just start off at home, when he looked at where the stone is already in place. Have laid a big pot. It is hidden in the stone.
Miller's boy raised in the closed lid. Then, his eyes grow big as saucers. The pot was filled with shining gold pieces!
There are things written on the pot side. In the Miller boy bent down, spelling out
He read:
"This pot and the gold belong to one who took away the stone."
"Why," said Miller of the boy, clapping his hands. "This means that I definitely want to."
He is gone, dragged behind a heavy pot, and thinking how surprised and pleased at home folks over his good fortune.
The rich man from his window to see very happy, too. Finally, he found some one who is not afraid of work.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hassebu Story

Once upon a time there lived a poor woman, only one child, a young son named Hassebu, who had an odd little birthmark on his chest.
When he thought no longer a baby, and his mother read it was time for him to learn, she sent him to school. And after he finished school, he was taken to a shop to learn how to make clothes, and have not learned, and he was taken in order to do silversmith's work, and have not learned, and what he was taught He did not learn it.
His mother never wanted him to what he did not want to do, she said, "Well, stay home, my son," and he remained at home, eating and sleeping.
One day the boy said to his mother: "What was my father's business?"

"He was a very learned doctor," she said.

"Where are his books? Asked Hassebu.

"Many, many days have passed and I thought nothing of them. But look inside and see if they are there." So Hassebu looked and saw they were insects, all but one book that he took it away to Read eaten.

He was sitting at home one morning poring over the medical book, when some neighbors came and said to his mother: "Give us young that we can go together to cut wood." For wood-cut was their job, and they would load several donkeys with firewood to sell in the city.

And his mother answered, "Well, tomorrow I'll buy him a donkey, and you can all go together."

So the donkey was purchased, and the neighbors came, and they worked hard all day and at night they brought back the wood in the city and sold it for a good sum of money. And six days they went and did that much, but on the seventh it was raining, and the woodcutter went and took refuge in the rocks, but all Hassebu who do not mind wet and stayed where he was.

As he sat in the place where the loggers had left him, he took a stone that lay by him and stand by him to the ground. The bell rang with a hollow sound, and he called his companions and said, "Come here and listen; The ground seems hollow"

"Knock again," she said. And he knocked and listened.

"Let us dig," said the boy. And they dug and found a large pit like a well filled with honey to the brim.

"This is better than firewood," she said, "brings us more money. And how you found it, Hassebu, it is you have to dip in the honey and give us and we will take it to the city and for sale, and the money with you. "

The following day brought every man and every bowl vessel he could find at home, and they all Hassebu filled with honey. And this he did every day for three months.
At the end of this time the honey was very nearly finished, and there was only a little to the left, bottom, and that was very deep, so deep that it seemed as if there must be exactly in the center of the earth.
Seeing this, the men said to Hassebu: "We are a cable stuck under his arm, and random, to let you scrape up all the honey, left, and if you have done, we will again lower the rope, and it is quickly to make and we will reach you. "

Hassebu is good for the hole'Very, left, "replied the boy, and he went, and he scratched and scraped, it was not so much honey left as if the tip of a needle." Now I'm ready, "he cried, but they belong together and said, "Let him there in the pit, and take its share of the money and we will tell his mother:" Your son was caught by a lion, and led into the forest, and we tried it to follow, but could not '. "

Then got up and went into town and told his mother, as she had agreed, and she cried a lot and made her grief over many months. And when the men split the money, they said, "Let us send a little of our friend of the mother," and they sent some to her, and every day they took their rice, and oil, it took her flesh, and a took her handkerchief, every day.

It was not long Hassebu to find out that his companion had left him to die in the pit long, but he had a brave heart, and hoped that he might be able to figure out a way for themselves. He immediately began to explore in the pit and found it went back a long way underground.

And at night he slept, and by day he took a little of the honey he had gathered and ate it, and gone so many days.

One morning, as he sat on a rock with his breakfast was a large scorpion on his feet, and he took a stone and killed her, for fear it would sting him. Then suddenly the thought flashed into his head, 'This scorpion must be coming from somewhere! Perhaps there is a hole. I will go and seek him. "He felt around the walls of the pit until he was a very small hole in the roof of the pit, with a tiny ray of light found at the other end. Then rejoiced his heart, and he drew his knife and dug and dug until the small was a big hole, and he was able to wriggle through. And when he came outside, he saw a large open space in front of him, and a way out of it.

He walked down the path further and further until it reaches a large house, was open with a golden door. Inside was a large hall in the middle of the hall, a throne set with precious stones, and a bed spread set with the softest pillows. And he went in and lay down on her and fell fast asleep, for he had wandered far.

Gradually, there was a noise of people coming through the court, and the measured tramp of soldiers. This was the king of the snakes come in state in his palace.

They entered the room, but all listened in amazement looking for a man to own the bed of the king. The soldiers wanted to kill him immediately, but the king said: "Leave him alone, sat on a chair." And the soldiers who, he was kneeling on the floor and he slipped from her shoulders on a chair. When he was sitting comfortably, he turned to his soldiers and ordered them to strangers wake up gently. And they woke him and Hassebu sat up and saw a lot of snakes around him, and one of them very beautiful, decorated in royal robes.

"Who are you?" Asked Hassebu.

"I'm the king of serpents," was the answer and this is my palace. And will you tell me who you are and where you come from? "

"My name is Hassebu, but where I come, I do not know yet where I go."

remain "Then a little bit with me," said the king, and he ordered his soldiers to bring water from the spring and fruits from the forest, and they set before the guest.

For some weeks Hassebu rested and celebrated in the palace of the king of serpents, and then he began to long for his mother and his own country. So he said to the king of serpents "Send me home, I pray."

But the king answered the serpent: "When you go home, you will be angry with me!"

"I will do no harm," said Hassebu, 'send me home, I pray. "But the king said," I know. If I send you home, you will come back and kill me. I dare not. "But Hassebu begged so much that at last the king said," Swear that if you go home you do not go swimming, where many people gathered to get. "And swore Hassebu, and the king ordered his soldiers to Hassebu in sight of his home town to take. Then he went directly to the home of his mother, and his mother's heart was glad.
Now the Sultan of the city was very ill, and all the wise men said that the only thing he had to cure the meat of the king of the snakes, and that the only man to get, it was a man with a strange mark on his chest could. So had the vizier to see people to the public baths, to see, set, if such a man was there.

For three days Hassebu remembered his promise to go, the king of serpents, and not in the vicinity of the baths, then a morning was so hot he could hardly breathe, and he forgot everything.

As soon as he slipped his robe he was before the vizier, who had said to him, "Guide us to the place where the king of the snakes live."

"I do not know!" he answered, but the Wazir did not believe him and left him tied up and beaten until his back was all torn.

Hassebu then cried, "Loose me, that I can make."

They went a long way until they reached the palace of the king of serpents.
Hassebu and said to the king. "It was not I look at my back, and you'll see how it drove me to it"

"If you beat this?" asked the king.

"This was the vizier," said Hassebu.
"Then I am already dead," the king said sadly, "but you do have to wear it themselves."

Sun Hassebu carried him. And on the way the king said: "When I arrive, I have to be killed, and my meat will be cooked, but take some of the water that I cooked, and put it in a bottle and place it on a page. . The minister will tell you to drink it, but be careful not to do. Then you take some more of the water and drink it, and you will become a great doctor, and the third delivery to you at the Sultan give, and when the vizier comes to you and asks, "Did you drink what I gave you? "You have to answer:" I have, and this is for you, "and he will drink and die, and your soul will rest."

And they went their way into the city, and everything happened just as the king of the snakes had said.

And the sultan loved Hassebu that is a great doctor, and cured many sick. But kept all his life Hassebu in his heart the memory of the king of the snakes.

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