Monday, May 2, 2011

Taro Hawaiian Folklore

A certain head of the Kona Taro Patch had of which he was very proud, and the plants themselves were proud because they grew so big and green. In an upper corner grew two friends, the largest and greenest of all the taro plant.
The wind rustled their leaves until the two may be whispering to each other.
"Listen!" Said one, "I hear the sound of chopping. Someone cutting wood, the IMU heat."
At that moment a servant. He remained in the vicinity of both works, as if pulling weeds, and whispered to them "The wood is cut and the IMU is prepared. Coming soon will lead to you two, for I am the boss to take him to the two large plants listen to that grow here at the top. "slipped from the servant. "We are to be drawn!" the two said anxiously, "pulled, cooked, and struck in poi, no, let's hide and live!" They hid near the bank in the protection of a young banana tree.
They saw a servant coming to the upper corner.
"The two tall plants," she heard him say. "No two are larger than the others, but all are strong and green. I'll take these two." He moved some plants and went away.
"We have escaped!" whispered the leaves of the two who were hiding.
Taro HAWAIIAN FOLKLORE But their flight was not for long. One day the boss by his bandage.
"Why, here the two plants are!" He said. "I thought she grew up in the top corner."
He called a servant.
"These two are great," he told him. "Make sure they take tomorrow cooked and pounded into poi."
The two plants have fled. This time they are hiding, where, long leaves of the cane hanging on the floor. The servant could not find them.
Days passed, then the boss found her hiding place.
"She escaped, you two!" he cried. "You will not escape again!"
This time he has marked the spot and called a man at a time come to pull the taro.
"We can not wait!" the plant called.
They got into the air, flew their leaves, as wings, and the patch to a common farmer.
"Here we are safe," she said.
And so it seemed. For days they lived unnoticed.
Then came the servant who had been her friend.
"The boss knows that you are here," he whispered. "The farmer told him, and he sent me, so you pull it up. I'm going to my grave floor. Save yourselves."
Away they flew, their leaves tremble with fear.
Time and again this happened until one day the chef came to them, grave stick in his hand.
The taro plant grew in the air and flew towards the south. The boss looked left and followed with an angry shout. The people left to watch their work. Some called on the head: "You are close to them you will catch them in a moment!" Others prayed that the plants may escape power.
Tired sank both to rest in a warm area.
"Not here!" shouted the plants over them. "The boss is even now hunting in this patch. Fly on! Soon you will reach Ka'u, where it can not hurt."
The plant was built on tired wings. The boss saw them and took up the chase. He was just a step back! Suddenly he stopped, for he had reached the limit. His taro plants were in Ka'u!
"Here!" someone shouted. "This is the patch from our good boss. Rest here!" The tired plants sank.
Although they were in the patch of a good boss. Hearing of their flight, he came to consider them.
"This field is safe," he said. "No one will harm you. To live in peace."
And so they did. Happy in each other, proud and happy about the young taro plant them, they lived a good age.
This history means that in the old days, men had the right to leave the country of a cruel boss, and live in the district a good unhurt.


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