Monday, May 2, 2011

Legend Of Elephant and Monkey

In the land of India, far across the sea, there lived an elephant and a monkey. The monkey likes to run fast swinging tree trunks and from branch to branch.
Like the elephant slowly walking through the jungle, a path for himself with his long, strong trunk.
The elephant and the monkey were friends, but one day they had a fight.

The elephant was very proud because he knew he was very strong.

"I am the strongest animal in the jungle," he said to the monkeys. "See how I trample the bushes with my feet!"

He twisted his trunk around a young tree and pulled her by the roots.

"Could you do that?" the elephant said proudly.

Now the monkey was as proud as the elephant. But the monkey was proud because he was so very quickly.

The monkey quickly ran into a big tree. He swung from branch to branch with his long arms. Then he hung by his tail from the highest branch of all.

He rose quickly to a lower branch and called the elephant:

"Could you do it? Can you climb a tall tree and swing your tail from a branch?"

The elephant had to shake his big head, but he said, "It is better to be strong, as fast."

The monkey shook his little head.

"No," he said, "it is better to be fast, be strong."

The elephant said, "No, no," and stamped his feet.

And the monkey: "No, no," and waved his arms.

The elephant stamped and stamped his feet, and the monkey nodded and waved his arms.

Then they saw the owl sitting up, blinking in a tree on it.

"The owl is a wise old man," said the elephant. "Let us pray to him, it's better to be strong or to be quick."

"All right," said the monkey.

They called up the owl, "Which is better, too much or too fast to be?"

"You must do what I tell you," answered the owl, "and then you will know. Do you see that tall tree with golden fruit on the other side of the river, please go and have to get the fruit and bring it to me .

So the elephant and the monkey began. Soon they came to the River. It was very deep and the water ran very fast.

The monkey one foot in the water. Then he took them quickly. He was afraid.

"I can not over this river," he said to his friend the elephant. "It's too deep and the water runs too quickly."

"I'm so big and strong, I can swim that river," said the elephant. "It is not too deep or too fast for me.

"You can climb on my back if you like and I will carry you over."

So the monkey climbed back on the elephant. He sat high and dry on the elephant's head, while his great friend swam across the river.

After a while they found the tree. It was very, very large, and its golden fruit hanging high above their heads.

Elephants and elephant monkeyThe twisted his trunk around the tree and tried to pull it down. But he could not bend or break the tree. It was too strong for him. He tried to reach the golden fruit with his trunk, but the fruit hung too high.
"I can not to the fruit," the elephant said sadly. "What should I do?"

"Oh," said the monkey. "I can climb trees."

He quickly ran to the tree trunk and swung from branch to branch. He raised his large golden fruit, and threw her to the ground. The elephant picked up the fruit and they deposited large holed up in his mouth.

Then ran the monkey climbed the tree and the elephant's head again. The two friends started on their way home.

The elephant swam across the deep river fast and soon they were back at the owl tree.

"This is the ripe, golden fruit that you wanted, friend owl," she said. "Now tell us who is better to be strong or to be quick."

The owl took the fruit.

"Well, of you can bring me this?" He asked.

"I did it," said the monkey. "The elephant can not climb trees."

"But I entrusted to the swift deep river," said the elephant. "The monkey was afraid to swim across it."

"Then bring me the fruit together," said the owl.
"None of you could get the fruit alone.
"Can we say then, what is better to be strong or fast to be? He is the elephant took both the strength and speed of the monkeys get the rewards."


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