Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Stone in the Road

Near a large village, there lived a rich man. He has worked with many rooms filled with beautiful things, very small lice. The growth of trees around the house a large green leaves. Under the tree is cool on the hottest days.
Rich man's house stood next to the road. Every day many people came along on the road, from farming.
The rich like to watch people as they pass through. Usually hey look at the dusty heat and fatigue. He then asked them to come in, the rest of the trees shade.
If they are thirsty, rich people ordered his servants to enable them to cool soda. If they are hungry, and he gave them the fine white bread, cakes, sweet and juicy fruit. Tired of the rest under the shade of his mother happy. Children about the fun of playing on the grass.
Every day, watching the rich people on the road back and forth in front of his house fine. This makes him sad because he saw so many lazy.
"I do not know if you are lazy," thoughtful people. He tried to come up with a plan to find a person who is not afraid of work. He thought and thought and by him had an idea.
In RoadHe Stone had his servant bring great stones, he put it in the middle of the road itself. Then he went into his home, sitting by the window down and see what happens.
The first person is a man who is going to sell his cattle, the village market.
When the man saw this big rock, he frowned.
"Why is the large stone in the fall in the middle of the road for the poor," he complained. "The man who lived in that beautiful house, and there must be rich, why did not he have his servant stone it?"
Whispers and wronged people with cattle, but he did not attempt to move the stone. He was too lazy.
He walked around, and pulled behind him cattle, and on the way to go to the market.
By the next person who is a farmer carrying corn to the plant to ground. When he saw the stone in the middle of the road, he began to complain of.
"Why is the large stone block in the way?" He complained. "If I were the same who, in the fine house must be rich in life, I will order my servant to take it away."
But the farmers did not attempt to move the stone. He was too lazy. He drove it around, and on the way and muttering and complaining.
Day, people driving along the road to rock and complain about the way that it is. But no one tried to move it. They are too lazy.
Gradually towards the evening the boy came along whistling Miller. He tried to day in the factory, he was very tired.
He came to the stone stopped.
"It will soon be black," he said to himself. "Some people know the big stone fall and be injured, I have it in any of its grow dark."
He held his hands in the stone. This is a very, very heavy and he can move it at the same time only a little way. In addition, he is from his hard work in the factory all day tired. However, he took all his might and pull until the end, he launched a road stones. "Now," said Miller's boy, "the stone can not hurt."
He put his hands in his pockets, and just start off at home, when he looked at where the stone is already in place. Have laid a big pot. It is hidden in the stone.
Miller's boy raised in the closed lid. Then, his eyes grow big as saucers. The pot was filled with shining gold pieces!
There are things written on the pot side. In the Miller boy bent down, spelling out
He read:
"This pot and the gold belong to one who took away the stone."
"Why," said Miller of the boy, clapping his hands. "This means that I definitely want to."
He is gone, dragged behind a heavy pot, and thinking how surprised and pleased at home folks over his good fortune.
The rich man from his window to see very happy, too. Finally, he found some one who is not afraid of work.


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